Make your table settings extra-special with 100% cotton napkins and tablecloths. Flexible ordering means scaling up for large events won’t incur unnecessary costs.

Being shown to a table set with fresh, elegant linen is the best possible start for your guests’ dining experience. Enhance the luxury of your settings with Celtic Linen 100% cotton napkins and tablecloths.

From each crisp, well-starched white tablecloth to every one of our perfectly pressed napkins, our Satin Band Table Linen has the consistent high quality your guests love. We can supply extra for special occasions such as banquets or weddings, so you can be sure every single guest will experience the perfect setting!


All our table linen materials are sourced from leading suppliers to ensure the highest quality. Our full range of products come in different colours and sizes to fit your needs, together with a full range of tea towels, and kitchen, glass, waiter, and polishing cloths. All our glass, waiter and polishing cloths are washed to the highest standard of hygiene. Because we collect, launder and deliver linen at a schedule that suits you, you’ll never have to worry about your tablecloths turning up late, falling short of quantity or in short supply.


With a substantial investment in new equipment, we can service all of Ireland’s leading restaurants, cafes, corporate, event and wedding venues. Whether you are a casual bistro or an elegant 5-star restaurant, our table linens and napkins raise the perceived value of any great meal.

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