From cost-effective direct-to-ward delivery to our innovative ScrubEx system, all our hospital linen services are managed to the highest standards of infection control and hygiene.

In 2005, the €30 million investment we made into the Celtic Linen Drinagh site included a purpose-built specialist laundry services healthcare and hospital plant. Here, in line with the highest standards of hygiene and infection control, we exclusively process products for the healthcare industry.

This NSAI-accredited facility has a full barrier system to meet hospital requirements. By operating on a straight-through principle, soiled and clean hospital ward bed linen are always kept separate in order to prevent contamination, cross-contamination and re-contamination.


We have validated and challenged wash processes and have established documented evidence to prove that our linen hygiene services consistently provide chemical and thermal disinfection on microbiological contaminants. We have specifically challenged our process to remove indicator organisms commonly associated with Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI).