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Reliable clean linen is a crucial part of the customer experience. Our clients come to Celtic Linen because we are a highly experienced and trusted linen partner. We are committed to working in partnership with our customers, because when we completely understand a customer’s needs we can design the most responsive and flexible service.

We encourage customers to make new choices and explore our new products and services. We’re understandably proud of our reputation for providing consistently high quality linen rental and commercial laundry services to all our customers! Whether you are an independent or national group customer, you can be sure that we will always put your linen service requirements first.

As one of Ireland’s leading linen rental providers in terms of quality, innovation and environmental responsibility, we offer a complete supply and managed hire services. We provide the linen you require and manage the laundry with collection and delivery as you need it through our linen inventory management system. We take great care to ensure that each and every product is laundered to the highest quality. We are committed to the continuing development of our teams and to ongoing reinvestment in machinery and equipment. 


Attention to detail is key to our commercial laundry services, just like a well-presented bedroom or restaurant is key to the success of our hotel and restaurant clients. Considerable investment in the latest laundry processing techniques enables us to process high volumes of used linen in a fast and cost-effective manner. From the moment your linen is picked up, attention to detail is given throughout the sorting, washing, drying and packing processes, right through to the return delivery.

hotel room with single, double,king size bed and luxury bedlinen to comfort your guests


crisp white towels on a wide stripe duvet cover


doctor with white hospital coat


luxury table linen for restaurant and catering needs

Restaurants & Catering

spa towel range

Spa & Leisure

Elderly woman in a hospital bed

Nursing Homes


  • Quality Lasting Linen

    We only source linen of the highest quality. Our hospitality products are aimed at improving guest comfort, experiences and mood.

  • Continuous investment in stock to maintain standards

    We always purchase more stock than required and continuously rotate it to ensure the product last longer – which means better quality for your customers.

  • Quality Control

    We have stringent auditing criteria in place, ensuring constant adherence to standards of high quality.

Flexibility & Solutions

  • Nationwide Service

    Strategically located distribution centres in Cork, Dublin, Galway and Wexford.

  • Full range of products and sizes

    We offer a range of luxury linens to Ireland’s most exclusive hotels, restaurants and spas, all delivering high levels of comfort and quality to enhance your guests experience.

  • Responsive to seasonal demands

    We can scale up or down our service in response to the seasonal needs of your business.

  • Tailor-made service level agreements

    We are passionate about looking after our customers, and can find flexible solutions for any size customer.


  • Quick Support
  • Dedicated Account Managers

    one to one service from people who care.

  • Linen Inventory Management System

    Total control of your linen inventory. Variable Standing Orders ensures that your linen service is optimised and efficient by providing quality linen management solutions such as continuous inventory checks; monitoring utilisation and inventory; and managing and minimising loss.

  • Web Portal

    Makes ordering easy and efficient.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System

    Our new CRM delivers the highest standard of customer service to our customer base. Customer Relationship Managers liaise between customers and their local support operations, sales and administration teams to ensure 100% fill rates, premium quality products and customer satisfaction. In addition, they provide account reviews and assist each customer with daily management of their linen program, as well as ongoing improvements.

  • Accredited Quality Management Systems
Celtic Linen depo locations

The chances are you'll have seen our trucks on your travels across Ireland due to their distinctive blue an white signwriting, we are proud of the fleet!

Due to our continued growth, we’re offering a nationwide services from Cork to Down, Dublin to Galway, Wexford to Donegal. So feel free to get in touch as we cover the majority of major towns and cities across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, we’d be delighted to let you know if we can meet your requirements.

The map below shows our current depot structure, which should give a guide as to where we currently supply but we’re happy to consider travelling further afield where volumes and transport costs can be fairly balanced to make it work for everyone. Feel free to as by getting in touch,

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