Teddy’s Head to Haiti

21st November 2017 - General

Girl hugging teddy bear

This week sees a first for Celtic Linen in almost 100 years of business! Teddy’s that have remained stored in the company’s head office unclaimed for many months finally get the chance of a new home.  Probably a bit further away than they thought! because they are all heading to an orphanage in Haiti.

Each year Celtic Linen generates huge amounts of reusable products through its rental services that are stockpiled and made available for alternative uses.  This usually happens following changes in customer demand or specification.  Up to now Celtic stored these items waiting for a worthwhile beneficiary.  Following an approach by the Haiti Orphanage Project ESPWA, Celtic is delighted to partner with the charity and organise large amounts of product which the charity’s volunteers collect on a regular basis.  Kieran Tansey one of the founding member’s of the charity is involved in the selection of products most suitable for inclusion in one of their regular Haiti consignments.  On arrival the products all get put to fantastic use helping in some way or other with the charity’s activities.

But in the next consignment along with sheets, blankets and towels, there will be 100’s of Teddy’s making the long journey to a new home.

The staff at Celtic Linen have taken a great interest in the work the charity is involved in, the Haiti Orphanage Project ESPWA is a fully registered Irish charity dedicated to providing facilities and implementing best practice for disadvantaged children in Haiti.  Everyone knows the area has been severally affected by climatic disasters in recent years and continues its struggles to rebuild following wide scale damage. 

The charity works on many projects bringing structural and social improvements in the most needed areas; let’s hope the Teddy’s bring a smile!