Employees of the month January 2019

20th February 2019 - General

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Employees of the Month for January 2019

Evening Shift      –           Sandra Kovesnikoviene
Support Services              Emily McCann
Support Services              Tom Goodison

Sandra Kovesnikoviene

Her achievement is attributed to:-

•    Great long time worker
•    Never misses a day
•    Always busy
•    Excellent targets
•    Very helpful

Emily McCann

Her achievement is attributed to:-

•    Juggled so many accounts and was an absolutely excellent support to customers during Christmas period
•    Great Patience
•    Works over and above her hours and constantly goes above and beyond the call of duty
•    She gives help and advice
•    She always knows what to do and in her department people turn to her when they need help.
•    Excelled through Christmas period
•    Is obliging and helpful to both customers and colleagues
•    She is dedicated and hardworking
•    Always willing to help

Tom Goodison

His achievement is attributed to:-

•    Always willing to help out no matter what has to be done
•    Does everything with a pleasant demeanor and a smile on his face
•    Always goes out of his way to help people
•    Always happy to give advice and pass on his experiences
•    Always has time to talk to staff
•    A gentleman

Congratulations to both.