Crumlin Hospital solve their Scrub issues

14th November 2017 - Healthcare

Scrubs with Stethoscope on Hanger Horizontal

Crumlin Childrens Hospital has solved all their scrub supply issues by introducing automated scrub vending for their theatre staff.  The system (ScrubEx) which is supplied by Celtic was introduced last month and offers authorised users access to scrubs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  The controls which are part of the system also result in a 20% reduction in scrub usage, which is also great news for the Hospital.

The system looks like any other vending machine, but instead of getting a soft drink or a bar of chocolate you get your scrub suit.  The user’s unique information such as size is stored by the machine and that size scrub will be dispensed as soon as the users swipes the machine’s reader with their hospital ID card.  This means also that the hospital get the extra security of all scrubs users having to bring their ID card to work. 

The system operates on a credit system where the user get an allowance of say 3 credits, which means they can take three scrubs out before they have to put one back to reinstate their credit.  There is no limit to the number of scrubs taken once soiled scrubs are returned, again using the ID card.

The units are actually smaller than a typical vending machine and because of this are easily accommodated in most hospital settings.  In the case of Crumlin Childrens Hospital the units are situated between the Ladies and Gents changing areas, staff just collect a suit on their way to begin their shift and when finished just dispose the used suit into the collecting machine on their way home.  The systems means the end of messy changing areas and scrubs thrown around by staff searching for the right size or colour, so there is also advantages around reduction in possible cross contamination.