Celtic Linen Hospitality Covid-19 Response Plan

13th July 2020 - General

As a critical service provider, Celtic Linen has remained operational throughout the pandemic playing our role in supporting front line staff by ensuring continued supply of scrubs and linen to hospitals and healthcare facilities. Our certified standards, listed above, in combination with extensive risk assessments and reviewed procedures allow us to continue to operate a safe workplace for Celtic Linen employees/visitors and ensuring safe linen for hospital staff and patients and hospitality staff and guests. The Celtic Linen COVID-19 Response Plan and supporting documents are living documents and are continually updated and adapted according to new Public Health Guidelines. Below is a summary of our COVID-19 Response Plan and supporting procedures:

Wash Process:
* All Hospitality linen processed will receive chemical and thermal disinfection
* Expert wash programmes using innovative products & processes covering all facets of textile care: hygiene, detergents, water, energy, textiles, quality & productivity
* Quality inspection of all linen
* All clean linen shrink wrapped until ready to use at customer site

COVID-19 Response Plan & Risk Assessments: 
* COVID-19 training for all staff on site and all those returning to work
* Strict controls in place regarding uniform, PPE and hand hygiene
* Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette training according to SARI and WHO guidelines are provided to all staff. Increased hand hygiene facilities on site
* A full programme of cleaning and sanitising for site
* Physical distancing or physical guarding at work stations
* One way walking systems
* Staggered breaks
* Visitor/Contactor controlled access process
* Contact logging
* Revised emergency and first aid plans
* Trained COVID-19 Lead Worker Representatives
* Mental health and wellbeing supports
* All drivers receive COVID-19 training and adhere to hand/respiratory hygiene and PPE requirements