1 Definitions

The Agreement means the rental agreement entered into between the Supplier and the Customer. Supplier means Celtic Linen Limited or any of its subsidiaries or associated companies.
Customer means the person or persons or body corporate named on the Agreement.

Goods means any goods rented, purchased or hired from the Supplier by the Customer in connection with the Agreement and any goods added thereto or substituted therefor pursuant to the Agreement. This includes Linen, trolleys and handling equipment used in the delivery, collection and storage of Linen.

Linen, in the context of the Agreement linen is a generic term of the trade covering materials of whatever type of textile that may be applicable to the goods in the specific context in which the term is used in the Agreement.

Special Items special Items are textiles for rental not suitable for use as part of pool stock rental service to either hotels or hospitals. This includes goods branded or otherwise marked in a manner dedicated to sole use by the Customer or the Customer’s customers.

Pool Stock means Linen available for rental to multiple Customers and not dedicated to one particular Customer. Installation is the occasion of the first delivery of Goods to the Customer.

2 Agreement

The Supplier agrees to supply, install, let on hire or rental, as may be appropriate, at the Customer’s premises, the goods.

3 Charges

The Agreement shall, in all cases, be subject to the Supplier’s rental charges, as set out in the schedule and otherwise to the charges from time to time made by the Supplier for any goods supplied pursuant to the Agreement which said charges shall be liable to increase by the Supplier at any time (7 days notice of any change in the amount thereof first having been given to the Customer).

4 Period to Which Rental Charges Apply

Agreed linen rental charges, as per the schedule or revised due to price increase, are for a maximum period of two weeks and any items that are held by the customer beyond this period will incur an additional rental charge for each two week period thereafter.

5 Payment

Subject to Clause 3, the terms of payment shall be weekly at the prices current at the date hereof (which prices are available on request from the Supplier and a list of which the Supplier has furnished/shall endeavour to furnish to the Customer with the Agreement). The Supplier will remit invoices and statements in electronic format.

Payment shall be by either variable direct debit or electronic funds transfer. Should the Customer change the payment method from variable direct debit or electronic funds transfer, all prices will increase by 5%.

In the case of a new Customer and during the first six months of the Agreement, invoicing shall be weekly and payment shall be received electronically in the Supplier’s bank account by noon on the 7th day after the date of invoice. Subsequent to the first six months of the Agreement, or in the case of an existing customer signing a new Agreement and when the Customer is in compliance with payment terms, the payment shall be due on the 30th day after the date of invoice. When the Customer requests additional administration services the Customer shall pay to the Supplier administration charges outlined in the schedule in Clause 26.

6 Credit Terms

In the event that a Customer does not make payments to its account in accordance with the credit terms, then without prejudice to any other remedy, the Supplier shall be entitled to add a once-off levy to that Customer’s account equal to 5% of the balance due on the account on the date it ceases to be in accordance with the credit terms (the credit expiry date). In the event that the account is not cleared beforehand, then as and from three months after the credit expiry date (the interest date) interest shall accrue on the amount outstanding on the account and on the 5% levy added thereto at the rate of 4% above Euribor per annum, both before and after any judgement obtained by the Supplier against the Customer. The parties hereto accept that these credit terms applicable to the Customer’s account are not of a penal nature but in keeping with the commercial transaction.

7 Value Added Tax

All sums becoming due and payable (whether by way of rental or otherwise) under and by virtue of the Agreement are liable to VAT which will be charged in accordance with prevailing legislation.

8 Invoice Queries

The Customers shall raise any queries on an invoice within seven days of receipt of invoice.

9 Retention of Title, Insurance and Care of Goods

The goods shall remain the property of the supplier but the risk of the goods shall be with the customer while in the Customer’s care, custody and control. The Customer hereby undertakes to indemnify and keep indemnified, the supplier against all loss of and damage howsoever caused to or by the goods. The Customer agrees to notify his insurance company of this risk/liability which continues through the duration of the agreement. The goods must be insured on a replacement value basis in an amount equal to the price to be paid therefore. The Customer must hold as fiduciary upon trust for the Supplier absolutely the proceeds of any successful insurance claim.

10 Laundering and Quality

The goods shall be cleaned, laundered and serviced only by the Supplier which will be achieved through tried and tested processes. Every effort will be made to maximise the usable rental items supplied, however given the nature of the service provided a 95% usable level of the total quantity delivered over the duration of the contract is deemed acceptable by both the customer and the supplier and no credit will be given for the rejected quantity of up to 5%.

11 Contract Term

The Agreement comes into force when signed by duly authorised representatives of both the Supplier and the Customer and shall remain in force until terminated. The Agreement will continue for 36 months from the date of Installation, terminable thereafter by eight weeks notice in writing on either side.

12 Early Contract Termination

The Customer may only withdraw from the contract before the completion of the minimum period with the Supplier’s consent and on a lump sum payment of 30% of the expected invoice value for the remainder of the minimum period. This is essential due to the substantial set-up costs incurred by the Supplier.

13 Special Items

The Customer will pay for any Special Items held by the Supplier on his behalf at the end of the contract period or in the event of the Customer deciding that the Special Items are no longer required. The Shall waive the requirement for payment for Special Items that are 36 months old or older.

14 Access to Goods

The Customer hereby grants to the Supplier access to the goods at all times to check and inspect stock wherever same may be located.

15 Sizes and Specifications of Linen

All quoted sizes and specifications for garments and linen are indicative and based on new items and subject to normal shrinkage in processing.

16 Ordering Linen

The Customer shall order Linen by Standing Order, by Variable Standing Order or by use of Web Portal.

17 Soiled Linen

The Customer will pack, label and document all soiled linen in accordance with the Supplier’s requirements prior to collection

18 Return of Clean Linen

Unused or clean Linen returned by the Customer to the Supplier, whether at termination of the Agreement or otherwise shall not be liable to a refund or credit from the Supplier. The reason for this is that returned linen is not suitable for rental to another customer without processing in the same manner as soiled linen.

19 Guarantee

The Supplier guarantees the goods against defective manufacture, defective workmanship, natural defects or damage arising from fair wear and tear only and any repairs necessary arising from these factors will be carried out free of charge. However, the Supplier reserves the right to charge for any repairs or damage which, in its opinion, have been caused by fire, explosion, weather conditions, lightning, earthquake, storm or flood, drought, humidity, subsidence or landslip, impact of any description, riot, civil commotion, strikes, disturbances, lockouts, industrial disputes, malicious persons or vandals, actions or interference by third parties, delay in transit, accidents, unforeseen hindrances or circumstances, shortages of material, acts of God, the negligent, careless or reckless use or misuse of the goods or the state of repair or condition of the premises where the goods may be.

20 Expectation to Guarantee

Notwithstanding Clause 19, the Supplier will not give the guarantee therein, should the Customer require goods that the Supplier does not recommend.

21 Flame Retardant Goods

It should be noted that goods are not represented to be flame retardant unless specifically stated in the schedule attached to the rental agreement.

22 Repairs

No repairs of any description to any damaged goods shall be undertaken except by the Supplier or with the Supplier’s express permission.

23 Location of Goods

The Customer will only use rental goods at pre-agreed locations and must seek permission in writing in the event of any change in the location of same. On agreement the supplier reserves the right to vary the charges at any time if the goods are moved to a geographical area for which different charges are applicable.

24 Liability Limitation

The Supplier shall not be liable for any breach of the Agreement or any loss or damage howsoever arising from any of the causes specified in Clause 19 above.

25 Alteration of Customer Legal Status

If the Customer in any way alters its legal status, then the Agreement shall be determinable at the exclusive option of the Supplier and the Customer hereby undertakes to notify the Supplier of any intention to change its legal status, (e.g. becomes or ceases to become a corporate entity or similar change) to the intent that a new Agreement may be entered into between the parties under the new status of the Customer.

26 Schedule of Administration Charges

  • A direct debit or cheque is not honoured by the customer’s bank – €65.00

  • Reprint or additional electronic copy of Invoice, Statement or Proof of Delivery – €10.00 per document

  • Print or electronic copy of Transaction list or other Administration services – €10.00 per document

  • Payment by method other than Electronic Funds Transfer or Direct Debit – €10.00 per transaction

  • Linen ordering by method other than identified in Clause 16 – €10.00 per transaction

27 Identification Marks 

Identification marks on rented goods may not be removed, altered or adversely affected. 

28 Limits to Supplier Liability

The Supplier shall not, in any event, be liable:

  • For any loss of profits suffered by the Customer nor

  • For the late or non-delivery of goods whether or not resulting from negligence of the Supplier, its servants or agents or from the causes set out in Clause 15 hereof.

29 Indemnity

The Customer shall indemnify the Supplier against all claims which may be made against the Supplier or costs incurred by the Supplier arising from: 

  • Any defect in the goods which was or should have been apparent to the Customer on reasonable examination prior to the use of the goods by the Customer or

  • Use of the goods by the Customer, its servants or agents otherwise than in the normal and proper manner, whether or not resulting from the negligence of the Supplier or its servants or agents. 

30 Assignment

The Agreement with the Customer is personal to the Customer and may not be assigned by the Customer without the express written consent of the Supplier. The Supplier may assign the benefit and burden of this agreement at any time without prior notice to the Customer.

31 Validity of the Agreement

The invalidity in whole or in part of the terms of this agreement shall not affect the validity of any other term and all remedies available to either party for breach of contract are cumulative and may be exercised concurrently or separately.

32 Legal Environment

The agreement shall be governed by the Laws of Ireland.

33 Consumer Rights – Sale of Goods Act 1893

The Supplier declares that in cases where the Customer is a consumer, that the Customer’s contractual rights under and by virtue of Sections 12, 13, 14 and 15 of the Sale of Goods Act 1893, are to be in no way prejudiced by the terms and conditions of the within Agreement of any of them.

The Supplier declares that in the case of the Customers who are not consumers, any exclusion or restriction of the rights conferred by Sections 13, 14 and 15 of the Sale of Goods Act 1893, which may be occasioned as a result of the within Agreement, are subject to Section 55 of the 1893 Act as amended.

34 Claims in Respect of Delivery

Claims in respect of the quality, condition or maintenance of service or shortage of goods or scheduled goods supplied or delivered or for any other reason, shall only be considered on the following terms:

  • That the Supplier has the opportunity to inspect the source of the claim.

  • That the Supplier is notified in writing of such claims within 7 days of the date of the invoice relating to the items in question.

35 Alterations to the Agreement

No representation or statement not contained in the Agreement shall be binding on the Supplier. No alteration, waiver or modification of the printed terms of the Agreement shall be binding on the Supplier unless agreed to in writing by the Supplier.

36 Documentary Records

The Customer hereby agrees (in view of the fact that details, quantities, current prices and current rental charges of/for the goods may vary throughout the course of trading between the parties hereto) that the goods and the relevant prices/rental charges, the subject matter of the Agreement, shall be as vouched by the documentary records (i.e. invoices, statements, correspondence, quotations, receipts, price lists, rental charge list and such like) of the Supplier and in the event of any dispute between the parties as to these matters such evidence as the Supplier may furnish shall be binding and conclusive as between the parties hereto.

37 Reimbursement for Work Done and Expense Incurred

For avoidance of doubt as and from the date hereof, the Customer shall be liable to reimburse the Supplier for work done and expense incurred by the Supplier in pursuance of the Agreement up to the date of lawful termination hereof in accordance with the terms hereof. Without prejudice to the general application of this Clause, the Customer’s attention is drawn to the fact that Special Items involves the Supplier in expenses which are unlikely to be recoverable by the Supplier in the normal course of business.

38 Dispute Resolution

Any dispute or difference of any kind whatsoever which arises or occurs between the parties hereto in relation to any thing or matter arising under, out of or in connection with, the course of trading between parties hereto shall be referred to Arbitration under the Arbitration Rules of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators – Ireland Region. 


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