CEO Joanne Somers ¦ adapting to change in the Linen Rental Industry

9th March 2021 - General

Linen rental industry Ireland. Company CEO Joanne Somers with company logo in a background

Newly appointed Chief Executive Officer Joanne Somers says ‘The linen rental and laundry sector hasn’t escaped unscathed in the COVID downturn, but Celtic Linen is well positioned to take advantage of the colossal changes and consumer expectations in the coming years.

2020 has been a challenging year for us all but it has highlighted the passion, resilience and commitment of our staff and team and strong partnerships we hold as the largest Irish owned linen rental company,

We are fully certified and have full accreditation for: ISO: 14001, Environmental Management Systems, EN 14065, Risk Analysis and Bio-contamination Control Systems and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.

We believe in the current market, it has never been a better time to use these standards and best practice to attract and assure customers; demonstrate market leadership; and open new market areas. ‘These standards demonstrate the detailed systems Celtic have in place and provide an assurance to our healthcare and hospitality customers regarding the product we supply “she says.

Joanne adds ‘More than ever during this pandemnic, there is a need to measure and validate. At Celtic, we work very closely with our suppliers and customers as we believe strong partnerships contribute to mutual improvements across both operations and create future value.

Joanne concludes ‘We have proven over the last year the value of our service and this along with the dedication and hard work of our team gives people the confidence to do business with Celtic .We will weather these tough times and come out the other side stronger” .

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