Once upon a time...

...a little girl called Julie and her family went on holidays to a hotel. Julie brought Paddy, her favourite teddy bear. Julie and Paddy loved the hotel room – especially their comfy, snuggly bed!

But when Julie packed up her toys to go home Paddy was still asleep under the sheet. She didn’t realise, and went home without him! But Julie didn’t need to worry because Paddy was about to have the best adventure of his life…

Wrapped up in the sheet, Paddy came to us at the Celtic Linen laundry. First, we put a photo of Paddy on our #CelticTeddy photo gallery on Facebook. Then we gave him a wash in our Teddy & Toy Day Spa (he was a bit the worse for wear afterwards, but very clean and his fur shone like new!). 

Julie’s mum emailed is at teddy@celticlinen.ie so we were able to send Paddy home and… They all lived happily ever after!

Click below for the #CelticTeddy photo gallery and see Paddy and all the friends he made during his short visit with us at Celtic Linen! We photograph each toy as they arrive and post the photo on our Facebook page in the hopes of swift and happy reunions!

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